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The Shakedown takes place in Bütgenach in the villages of Elsenborn – Nidrum – Weywertz from 17 until +/- 22 h.

The center is located in Elsenborn: Herzebösch, Lagerstrasse 36, 4750 Bütgenbach

Shakedown Overview

Upon arrival in Elsenborn, we ask you to drop your trailer in the foreseen trailer area.  For place reasons only rally cars and service crew vans will be authorized to remain in the service zones 1 + 2.

You will receive the information at the INFO point at the entry of service zone 1.


Service area
Please respect the private properties of our hosts.  Following the RACB regulations all teams must place a canvas under the car in the service area.  If an oil accident arrives, please inform immediately the organization staff so that they can take the accurate actions.


Starting procedure
No official timing will be taken during the Shakedown.  We ask all the teams to not take unnecessary risks and to adapt their driving style to limit the risk of accidents to a maximum.  Especially in the village of Nidrum we want to avoid any accident before the start of the rally.




Way back to the service areas
As there are other competitors and spectators circulating in the whole service area you need to respect a 30 km/h speed limit.

We wish you a good preparation of the East Belgian Rally 2018 and enjoy.



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