Shakedown East Belgian Rally 27.9.2018 (from 17 to 22 O'Clock)

Spectator information
This years Shakedown takes place in the town of Bütgenbach.
It takes place on Thursday 27 September in the villages of Elsenborn, Nidrum and Weywertz from 17 h until +/- 22 h.
During this test session the teams can setup their rally car in ideal conditions on a 3,6 km long variated stage to be ready for the rally on Saturday.
The center for the Shakedown is located in Elsenborn in the omnisports hall Herzebösch.
The service area 1 + 2 will be set up there.

The test stage starts in Elsenborn (Griesdeck) passes through Nidrum and ends in Weywertz.
The main spectators point is located in Nidrum along a spectacular hairpin.
There you can stay the whole evening.
Beverages and food will be served there and everything is done to receive you in good conditions.  Good mood guaranteed.

We ask the whole public to avoid the prohibited zones (see map) and to stay only in the foreseen secured public zones.
Please always follow the instructions of the stewards and the marshals.


Please respect the private properties of the residents and do not park in front of the garage entries or on private sites.  It’s also seems clear that you will leave no waste along the stage.


Please also use the foreseen parking areas and leave enough place for the rescue teams!


Like this the evening will become an amazing sport event for everyone that you should not miss.


The organisators of AMC Sankt-Vith and of TAC Tielt thank all the local authorities and clubs for the good collaboration.